Remake, The Outrage, and experts in the field have a roundtable discussion on the labor rights abuses present in the fashion industry and how policy can be used as a tool to create a more ethical and transparent industry. From unsafe working conditions to wage theft, garment workers around the world lack access to basic labor rights. The fashion industry, which employs over 75 million people, has consistently chosen profit over people, and we are demanding a change. During this event, the panel discusses why these labor rights violations persist and the lack of supply chain transparency within the industry. The panel then looks at solutions for change by analyzing how policy can be used to protect the rights of garment workers. Additionally, the panel discusses how moving away from a culture of fast fashion towards a circular fashion economy builds a more sustainable industry. Speakers Moderator: Laurel Anderson Hoffner, Remake Ambassador Panelist: Elizabeth Cline, Director of Advocacy and Policy, Remake Panelist: Rebecca Ballard, Founder and Executive Director of The Fashion Connection & Founder and CEO of Maven Women Panelist: Jewher Ilham, Forced Labor Project Coordinator, Worker Rights Consortium Panelist: Kalpona Akter, Founder and Executive Director, Bangladesh Center for Workers’ Solidarity Learn more at

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