So you’ve committed to shopping less and buying better…but you still want to get your fashion fix. What’s a conscious consumer to do?! We got you. In this fun, actionable conversation, we’ll explore more sustainable options like resale and rental with:

Isha Vij, Tradesy’s VP of Business Development and Supply Strategy Johanna Moonan, OpenClosit’s founder

You’ll come away with simple, straightforward ways about how you can be more sustainable with your fashion right now!

About Remake: Our mission is to use our purchasing power, our voice, and our creativity to make the invisible women who power the fashion industry visible. We are committed to breaking up with fast fashion and have taken the pledge to buy better, remaking our closets with clothes that respect women and our planet.

About Isha Vij: Isha currently leads Business Development and Supply Strategy for Tradesy, a leading luxury fashion resale marketplace, that works to make fashion resale as simple, safe, and stylish as retail—at scale. She has built her career at the intersection of fashion, design, hospitality and technology at companies like Google, 1stdibs, and through her own entrepreneurial ventures. Isha holds an MBA from NYU Stern and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

About Johanna Moonan: Johanna is the founder of OpenClosit, coined ’the Airbnb for your wardrobe’, which allows its members to shop the designer wardrobes of others to rent a one-time-wear outfit directly from its owner. Similarly, its listers can keep their dressy, special occasion garments in their closet while listing them for rent on the platform. In this way, Johanna aims to extend the life cycle of garments and create a more circular fashion industry. Before developing the OpenClosit platform, Johanna worked at various advertising firms and technology companies. Her educational background is in advertising and technology from Western University in her native Canada.


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