In order to “Break up with Fast Fashion” we need to understand how our overstuffed closets, mindless scrolling, and addictive shopping habits came to be. A fashion reset won’t work if we don’t understand where we have been, why we did what we did, and what those choices mean about who we are. Aiming for the goal of wearing a garment at least 30 times (before swapping, trading, or selling, or recycling it – never in the trash, please!) is a great place to go, but it also helps us understand where we came from. To paraphrase an important passage form Lauren’s book regarding #30wears: “Before you buy anything, ask yourself: will I wear it thirty times? It’s a very good deterrent to stop you buying clothes you can’t commit to, but it’s also helpful as a retroactive way to examine your shopping errors. Look at the clothes you own that you have worn thirty times, and ask yourself why. Is it a certain fabric or color you always go back to? A certain shape? Historical period you love? More expensive, classic pieces? Or kooky vintage items?…”

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