About Remake
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Learn all about Remake and the work we do to protect garment workers and foster a more sustainable fashion industry.
Campaign: #NoNewClothes
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Learn more about Remake’s annual #NoNewClothes campaign, when our community says “no” to new clothes for 90 days.
Campaign: #PayUp
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Remake is on a mission to make brands #PayUp! Learn more about our viral #PayUp campaign.
Campaign: FABRIC Act
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The FABRIC Act is the first federal fashion bill in the United States. Learn more about this legislation and how you can support it.
Campaign: Garment Worker Protection Act
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The game-changing Garment Worker Protection Act was passed in California in 2021. Learn more about it here.
Campaign: International Accord
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The International Accord is a life-saving agreement that protects garment workers in Bangladesh and elsewhere. Learn more.
11 videos
We partner with some of your favorite fashion activists to spread the #WearYourValues message.
Community Calls
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Rewatch all of our monthly community calls where we discuss all things sustainability, advocacy, and education.
Humans of Fashion
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Learn more about the humans behind the sustainable fashion movement.
Made In Series
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Remake’s award-winning documentary series that takes you into garment factories around the globe.
Press Conferences
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Watch all of Remake’s latest press conferences and learn more about our campaign work.
Remake Book Club
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Want to read with Remake? Check out our latest book club discussions.
Remake Panels
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Want to hear more about the fashion industry's biggest topics? Check out the many panels Remake has spoken at.