There are 170 million children in the world who are forced into slave labor. Many of these children are making clothes to meet the demands of fast fashion.

Our favorite fast fashion brands go to developing countries like India to find the cheapest and most obedient form of labor, children. High volume at a low cost has created broken systems where children, instead of going to school, are placed into factories and onto cotton farms under abusive working conditions.

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How do they get there?

In India, families that cannot make ends meet depend on the income of their children. Parents send their children to factories with false promises of food, shelter and education or skills training. In reality, these children suffer grueling hours and unsafe conditions. From a very young age, there is no way out. With no education and no formal skills training, child labor ensures poverty is passed down from generation to generation.

What do we do?

Made in India, tells a different story, a story of hope. There are better, ethical brands who support families. And when we buy better, children head to school instead of factories. Together we #remakeourworld.

Making of the Film

Made in India is a part of Remake’s Meet the Maker series. We traveled and visited fabric mills, factories, dormitories and homes throughout the world in search of the humans who make up fashion’s supply chain. So far we’ve been to Haiti, India, Pakistan and China, to listen and learn about the triumphs and the heartaches of the people who make our clothes.

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