We ask Beyoncé, who made Ivy Park? If you get to know her, you can change her life.

Queen Bey is the most iconic star of our time. Everything she does—her music, her aerial dance moves, her style—is flawless. It’s been exciting to see her increasingly voice her opinions as a feminist and an activist.

She is also now a designer with her Ivy Park line for fast fashion retailer Topshop. The ads for Ivy Park invite us as shoppers to share in her strength, by buying her workout line.

At Remake, our conscious consumer movement is focused on slowing down fast fashion because of its huge human and environmental costs.

We recently spoke at MCON, the largest gathering of millennial change makers about the incredible, yet sadly invisible, women who make our clothes.


Fast fashion has meant often working in unsafe conditions for little pay. We inspired our audience to ask more about her, the maker, from brands, marketers, and celebrities, so that her hard work is not forgotten. We believe this drumbeat for transparency will create safer and better working conditions for her.

So back to Bey. As a celebrity who has gotten in formation against police brutality. As someone who is a feminist. How amazing would it be for her to also know the women who make Ivy Park? It would change the maker’s life! Our audience was excited to get in formation for the maker and took to Twitter after, to invite Beyoncé to become a Remaker:


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