This consumer journey comes from teenage wonder girl Tolly Dolly Posh. Since age 11 she’s been blogging about fashion, self-confidence and building your best sustainable wardrobe.

My ethical journey began a few years ago, when headlines and stories started to crop up about what was going on behind the scenes of the fast-fashion industry.

But it wasn’t until I watched an interview on the Business of Fashion with the team behind the True Cost movie that I decided I need to learn more. I purchased the documentary as soon as it was released and sat down with my family to watch it.

I came away realizing that the industry I wanted to break into one day wasn’t all as glamorous and unproblematic as it seemed on the surface.

It was from that moment on when I thought; I need to start thinking about this differently and it’s not just going to help me if I do. The hard-hitting truths of events like the Rana Plaza disaster hit home because I knew and shopped with the brands involved. With mass consumption I was part of the problem.

Its been a huge learning curve but I am learning everyday. I do my part by using my voice with my blog. I realized my readers can relate better when I am honest about not being perfectly ethical or sustainable. It’s not possible to change my lifestyle overnight.

Here are 3 tips from my journey as a fashion addict to a conscious consumer:

  1. Second hand and recycle clothes are more satisfying than fast fashion impulse buys.
  2. I stay loyal to inspiring slow fashion brands that match my style like People Tree. Safia Minney is an inspiration and I’m excited that she’s now working with ethical footwear brand Po-Zu.
  3. Education is key. This summer I suggest reading “Slow Fashion” by Safia Minney which is in amongst some of my favorite conscious fashion reads. “To Die For” by Lucy Siegle, “Threadbare” by Anne Elizabeth Moore and “Stitched Up” by Tansy E Hoskins.

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