Straight out of high school I started working at this factory as a knit machine operator. I am now 34 years old and have been doing this same job for 16 years.

My husband is a security guard here, and we met at the factory. We live with our 9 year old son at a nearby village. My family has lived here for generations and watched this poor farming community transform into a factory city.

Guangzhou maker Feng

I don’t really have very many dreams of my own anymore. After listening to these machines for 12 hours straight, I am usually too tired to do much.

At night and on my one day off, I help my son study. I want a better future for him. To be a good citizen and contribute to the country.

Maker Feng China Pink

The yarn that I make into fabric has spandex in it. I imagine it will fit you perfectly, showing off your body, and I bet you look beautiful! This thought makes me happy.

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