Namaste. My name is Munni, and I make bags for you. I live in a village nestled in the Indian Himalayas.

My day starts at 5 AM. I get up, make breakfast, send my two little children off to school and then head to the forest to collect firewood. I used to have long, hard days farming, but since I learned to stitch, I have a better life.

I love sitting in the sun with my friends, making tassels. It feels like we are all in this together. We support each other through life’s ups and downs. I used to rush into my day, often on an empty stomach. I now have more time, to eat breakfast, to take care of myself and to enjoy my children after school.

I sometimes wonder about the woman who buys the bags I make. If we ever met, I would say thank you repeatedly.

I used to dream about being a teacher. Or perhaps having an office job. But none of that was possible so now I stitch, so that my children can have a better future. Maybe one of them will even become a teacher.

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