I think that I’m very unique because of my smile and the way I laugh. If somebody takes a picture of me and I don’t laugh or smile, I don’t like that picture. And also my skin color: that makes me unique.

The factory across from the Massacre river is like paradise, with its lush green trees and paved roads. I’ve been sitting down sewing your jeans here for five years. Recently my back and neck has been hurting a lot more.

My role in the assembly line is to sew the two back pockets on each pair of pants. I’m not married and I do not have children. But without this job, I have no way to support myself or my six siblings. After a long day, I walk across the river into my community which is pitch dark at night. There is no electricity or running water, just human need everywhere.

I enjoy the people I work with. I just wish there was more work for all of us. Jobs that paid well, to help us stay healthy. I dream about a more secure future for Haiti’s children.

In terms of personal dreams, I dream of having a degree. I would love to go to University and study computer science. For fun, especially on days that I am lonely and miss my family, I love to play on Facebook. (She opened up her phone to show us all her recent selfies and proceeded to add us all as Facebook friends). Now we are all connected, like sisters!

I have a message for all of the people who buy the clothes, that I and my friends make for you. I want you to think about our community and our collective hard workers, when you put on your jeans. When you see Made in Haiti, I hope you see my unique smile.

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