My name is Guerrier, I am 55 years old. For 7 years I have swept denim scraps off the factory floor. Before this I used to wash and sell used shoes. Recently my old eyes have started hurting, making my job difficult. I would love a different job, but I have five children and a wife to support and my wife is sick with fibrosis.

I recently learned about my finances and managed to build a small house for my family.

I have no dreams. Dare I dream when I am just a sweeper?

When asked if he had any messages for the end consumer: “Buy more that’s made in Haiti. We need and appreciate these jobs. I only wish I could have access to a doctor, to make my wife better. And for me to get my eyes checked. Access to good healthcare is a big problem. It’s not just my family, many people within our community need to see a doctor.”

After the interview he took us to his home which he built himself with cinder blocks and corrugated metal on the roof. It is no bigger than two tables put together. The outer room is yet to be finished. The inner quarter is dark with no electricity. They don’t have enough room, so three of their children live with his sister. He and his family were so welcoming and grateful for the very little they have. It was humbling.

As he and his warm family waved the Remake team off, Guerrier’s parting words of wisdom stayed with us:

I always hope that tomorrow is going to be a better day. That it is going to be a better brighter future. I am steadfast in my faith so that no matter what tomorrow brings, I am happy to receive it.

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