I am 22 years old and have been sewing American Eagle Outfitter T-shirts for the past three years. My entire family relies on my income.

I dreamed of getting a degree but had to drop out when my girlfriend became pregnant. So now I sew T-shirts so that my son has a secure future. I hope he finishes school, goes on to university, and gets a better job than me. I want him to grow up and be somebody.
I can’t say that I love my job. It covers my basic needs so that I can provide for my son and girlfriend but there are no advancement opportunities. I am stuck. But my girlfriend and I are doing our best to save. To manage our finances as best we can.

If I could have had a different life I think I would have become an engineer. Now I have to think about whether we can buy food or clothes? How can I make my salary stretch to meet everyone’s needs?

For fun, I do love Haitian music, though I am not a very good dancer. What makes me special is my name, “Bruce”. No one around here has the same name. Also my outlook to life. I remain positive. Oh and I love fashion, and wear what’s Made in Haiti with pride. I hope you do the same!

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