For over 10 years Sara Anne Leeds (@sherhymeswithorange) had been using a bathtub in her New York home to resell her clothing, and knew that there had to be an easier way to join the circular economy.

She founded Rhymes With Orange – a platform dedicated to a one of a kind and kind to the planet closet. She leverages her resale experience to help others sell their closets. She uses her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and English to provide storytelling and copywriting for environmentally conscious brands.

Her ultimate goal is to normalize secondhand fashion on the big screen, which is why she hosts #TheOneofAKinds on IG TV; every week she raids the closets of influencers and entrepreneurs who similarly care about sustainability.

“I believe that in order for secondhand and slow fashion to compete with the marketing power of fast fashion, they must have access to premium content and strategic storytelling. I’m excited to provide that access and meet others striving to do the same.”

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