Gaia is a student about to graduate and through her studies and personal research she was able to combine her two passions of, fashion and sustainability.

Fashion to her is an important form of self expression but the demand for cheap, low quality clothing with a short lifespan causes many of the world’s problems, environmental and social. From environmental pollution to the exploitation of workers. Gaia was an avid shopper, she used to buy a lot of clothes, until she realized the impacts of her shopping habits had on the planet, her goal is to raise awareness on these issues, which people are often unaware of.

She hopes, through the Remake community to connect to people with similar aspirations and to use her voice for good, motivating people to become more conscious consumers, only this way the fashion industry can really improve, with the vote we cast each time we spend money.

“I #wearmyvalues by choosing to shop mostly secondhand and caring about my clothes, because loved clothes last.”

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