Growing up in the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, Erin (@erin.kean) learned the importance of respecting the environment at a young age. Over time she researched ways to live a more eco-conscious life and began to make small changes to lower her ecological footprint. Now living in NYC, she works at The New York Times and spends her free time exploring new places. Her passion project, The Next Edit, is a blog focused on sustainable fashion and clean beauty.

Erin contributes articles on Remake that navigate the environmental and ethical issues within the fashion industry. As a Remake Ambassador she hopes to educate and offer solutions on building a sustainable wardrobe.

“I wear my values by educating myself on the state of our environment and what I can do to make a change – however big or small. Find me purchasing clothes from a local thrift store, filling up reusable bags in the bulk food section, or researching the values behind a company I might make a purchase from!”

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