Did you know that 80% of our clothes are made by women trapped in a cycle of poverty? That today we produce 100 billion units of clothes for just 7 billion people on the planet? The fashion industry hurts people and our planet. At Remake, we’re here to disrupt that status quo and make fashion a force for good.

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Our films and photo rich stories make the invisible women who make our clothes visible. With industry breaking news, a sustainable brand directory, relatable advice and community building events, we arm our consumer community to buy less and better.

Today we are 150,000 people strong that have taken the pledge to remake our closets with fashion that respects women and our planet. With your support, let’s get 1 million people to join our #WearYourValues campaign by 2025.

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Your DOnation Will help continue to drive and build our Movement, funding events, journeys, and Wear Your Values workshops worldwide. Together, let’s change fashion!

Photos: Remake

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