We buy. They give. These fashionable accessories do more than amp up your outfit, they improve lives.

Here’s something cute: every time you buy a heart-shaped ring from Tribe of Lambs, you are supporting care of HIV-positive children in India. In fact, every time you buy anything from the non-profit, ethical jewelry maker, you’re supporting programs for HIV-positive children in India. Basically, shop with them and you’re being awesome at life.

Tribe of Lambs Co-founder and Creative Director Bobbi Paidel spent years working in the fashion industry without the social commitment she craved. After a trip to India, she was inspired by her own passion to bring positive impact to at-risk communities there. With the help of co-founder and childhood friend Dani Shaw, Tribe of Lambs was born to show how a fashion brand could be made well, made right, and do some good in the world.

The Tribe’s model is threefold: invest, engage and empower.

“Our vision is to create a Tribe of likeminded shoppers, contributors, and communities. Tribe of Lambs values people, quality, and love.”

This means working side-by-side with the artisans who make their jewelry for the sake of both quality control and humane labor practices. It also means the good deeds keep rolling, as 100% of the profits go towards their current compassion project for children living with HIV in India.

We’re willing to bet that buying a ring from ToL will be a great reminder that you have done a good deed by shopping with such a good company. And in the fashion world, there’s nothing more empowering than that.

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