In addition to choosing ethical brands, another way to slow down fast fashion is by shopping online consignment. It gives well-made clothes a new life, allowing consumers to recycle, reuse and try something new in style. Sweet moves.

Thanks to a wave of new online consignment stores, shopping pre-loved items has become easier than ever. Not only can you shop, but you can also sell your own items straight from your closet. From casual wear to luxury items, we’ve rounded up a few of the leading platforms to help you get started on your consignment journey:


Photo: Tradesy


Tradesy offers more fashion-forward items, with top designer brands ranging from Tom Ford to Gucci to Chanel, so it is a lot like shopping the closets of top fashionistas.

Sell what you own and buy what you want without any hassle. The company sends you a free, all-inclusive Tradesy Shipping Kit to make selling that much more convenient.

Material Wrld
Photo: Material Wrld


If you have a more discerning eye and sophisticated taste, look into Material Wrld, which carefully vets high-end brands and arranges them into a personalized subscription box. Shopping at Material Wrld means you can get up to 90% off market price on luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang.

How it works: an in-house stylist customizes your box with five pre-owned designer items, and you have a few days to choose which items you’d like to keep. You pay an initial $29 for the styling fee, which is applicable to the item(s) you purchase. The rest, you send back. You can also trade in your clothes (so long as they meet their approved brands list) and get paid upfront.


Photo: ThredUp


As an online thrift store and consignment shop, ThredUp allows you to shop items for as little as $3. They also have a wide range of brands spanning from Uniqlo to Gucci, so you have a diverse set of options.

ThredUp also has a “Closet Cleanout” program, which invites sellers to send in their clothes for cash or store credit. They are more lenient about the clothes they accept compared to traditional consignment shops, so long as your pieces are in good condition. Pro tip: you can even choose to be paid in store credits to apply at sustainable favorite, Reformation.

If you prefer to donate rather than sell your pre-loved clothes, ThredUp can send you a bag for painless pickup and delivery to charity.


consignment stores
Photo: Depop


Have funkier taste and on the search for eclectic accents? Check out Depop, which is a platform for secondhand and vintage items with an edge. You can buy, sell, and discover their stylish pieces through their app. Based in London, Depop communes not only fashion lovers, but a creative community of DJs, photographers, musicians and activists all in one global marketplace.


consignment stores
Photo: Racked


Arguably the most recognizable name in the consignment business, The Real Real is a leader of luxury resale online. One of the most trusted in the business, the platform is known for curating high-quality, gently used luxury fashion. The Real Real accepts women’s, men’s and kid’s fashion that fit their approved brands list, and if you live in a qualifying city with at least ten items to sell, the company can send a person to pick up your items for you. Otherwise, they can send you a pre-paid mailer for you to ship your items in.

What’s new and unique about The Real Real is that they also have brick-and-mortar stores in New York City and Los Angeles for buyers and sellers to gather #IRL.

Thanks to these new platforms, secondhand shopping is getting a chic new makeover as an easy and smart way to get your favorite new fashion finds.

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