We get it. Between researching brands, reading tags more closely, shopping consciously can feel like a chore. The fashion industry hasn’t made it easy, that’s for sure!

We are committed to guiding your conscious fashion journey, and it’s all about baby steps. Remaking your closet is a daunting goal, where do you even begin? Especially when that $9.99 Forever21 dress would be an instant hit at tonight’s happy hour. Here are three ways to start the year right:

1. Make a list of baby steps.

The word resolutions is framed in a way that we have to change our habits in an instant. Too much pressure! We much prefer the word goal. To keep our new year goals it’s helpful to have a list of realistic baby steps such as:

  • Clean out your closet. Haven’t worn something all year? set those clothes aside to donate. As you do glance at the label and picture the women from Haiti, Cambodia and Pakistan that touched that dress and tee before you. Isn’t it crazy that so many women’s lives are connected to our closets?
  • Bored at work? Browse our Instagram for some inspiration on how other #humansoffashion are remaking their closet.
  • Commit to buying just four new things this year from brands that look great and respect makers and our planet.
  • For your next night out, rent don’t buy. Le Tote and Rent the Runway have some fabulous looks that will make you the belle of the ball while not breaking the bank.
Photo: YouTube

2. Surround yourself with the right support.

If your friend is a YouTube hauler who loves deep discounts no matter what, you might need a new shopping buddy. Apps like Habit Maker Habit Breaker can help you keep track of your goals with happy and sad faces and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your progress in graphs. So go on hit the gym, enjoy that kale smoothie and cosy up in these winter essentials.

Photo: Remake

3. Don’t give up!

If you already wavered on your goals to shop better, don’t fret and say goodbye to the guilt. Indulge tonight then go back to step one. Keep up the baby steps and know that this is a journey not a sprint.

Photo: Remake

When you’re ready to try and shop sustainably, cruise our collections for the best ethical x stylish fashion out there.

Cover Image: Morgan Sessions/Unsplash

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