Psst… here is an exclusive sneak peek at our fall and winter looks to rock your values day in and day out. This season, we’ve mixed and matched some of our favorite sustainable brands to inspire your growing conscious closet. Added bonus, we’ve shared direct links to some of the susty products to love. Who says F/W can’t be sexy and sustainable?

Spotted! Two of our favorite industry leaders in sustainability. (1) Patagonia, who is out to change the fashion industry by using reclaimed and recycled materials, and helping its customers extend the life of their products so that they can buy less. (2) Mara Hoffman, a colorful brand for the confident woman. They’re  working hard toward becoming a fully sustainable brand which includes using more eco-conscious and sustainable materials like GOTS certified cotton and upcycled materials for tags.

Women’s Shop Sticker Cotton/Poly Responsibili-Tee®, Patagonia, $35

Dorothea Pant, Mara Hoffman, $275

Yahs please! Slip into colder seasons with some classic neutral tones featuring leading brand Reformation, who scores big with their RefScale—which measures the carbon, water, and waste involved in making each product, and how it compares to the industry norm. Also important to the Reformation brand is its employees. The company is on its way to paying its makers a living wage, offering hourly workers more than minimum wage, health benefits to all full-time employees, and Metro passes to encourage more use of public transportation.

Veda Love Your Mother Leather Jacket, Reformation, $548

Love the look, and how about that hat by Nudie Jeans? The brand is famous for their 100% organic jeans (meaning makers and we aren’t exposed to chemicals) with repair services to be sure those threads are with you through the seasons. They are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization striving to improve working conditions in the textile industry. Great for your man and makers alike!

Liamsson Beanie in Bunker, Nudie Jeans, $55

This blazer by Kowtow Clothing deserves a round of applause. Kowtow produces certified organic, fair trade clothing with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. In addition to a “do no harm” approach that includes using only organic cotton and GOTS certified dyes, Kowtow also contributes to its employees’ well-being helping farmers with medical costs and providing clothes and books for local children through Fairtrade International.

Departure Blazer, Pressed Flower, KowTow, $171.42

Coming soon…the full click-to-buy collection on our shop!

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