Behind the scenes at Remake, we’ve been obsessing over our growing list of sustainable brands who have passed our rigorous criteria, winning our seal approval for turning fashion into a very stylish force for good.

In celebration of these fashionable pioneers, we’re sharing our favorite brands and shopping destinations for sustainable fashion now. Scroll through, get inspired and share on, we’re sure you’re going to love our current obsessions!

Rent The Runway

“With all the public speaking and events I go to, I need variety in my wardrobe but want to keep with our Movement’s message to buy less and better. So one of my favorite go to solutions has been Rent the Runway. I am particularly a fan of the brand since one of their co-founder’s Jennifer Hyman penned this op-ed to treat their warehouse workers more fairly and ensure benefits.” ?Ayesha Barenblat, Remake Founder


Photo: Lily Aldridge for Levi’s


“My favorite sustainable brand is Levi’s because it’s great to see an industry leader make serious strides toward becoming a sustainable brand. I love how they have found innovative ways to use tech (like lasers) instead of water for different jean washes. Looking forward to seeing more!” ? Jessie Ampofo, Remake Ambassador, New York City

Photo: Indigenous


“As a long-time player in the game, I appreciate how Indigenous integrated sustainability into their brand from the start. On their website you can get to know their makers and learn about their impact through game-changing sustainable production methods. I recommend checking out their Best Sellers collection for wardrobe essentials that will last you years to come. Pieces like their Boatneck dress and Undyed Cowl Neck Pullover are ones your wardrobe shouldn’t be without!” – Eleanor Amari, Remake Ambassador, Los Angeles


Photo: Nisolo


“The radically transparent team behind Nisolo shoes is committed to addressing all aspects of environmental and social justice by outfitting your soles with soul. The team partners with Ecosphere+ to protect the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest while creating sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities. At Remake we always want to put a face to our fashion and Nisolo ensures that their workers receive wages 27% higher than fair trade (with women especially reporting an annual income increase of 173%!). And to help close the loop and curb landfill contribution, they partner with Soles4Souls with a give-back program enabling micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to clean, repair, and resell shoes in their communities. With 2 pairs already in my closet (black & nude, of course), I wear them with complete confidence and pride in what they represent. #wearyourvalues” ? Rebecca Blake Thompson, Remake Ambassador, Los Angeles


Photo: Reformation


“I’m a big fan of Reformation–with chic styles that are both classic and on-trend, I can always find something at Reformation to crush on! Their sustainability efforts are commendable, but I also appreciate the programs they have for their workers: free english classes, free weekly massages, and most importantly, health care benefits to full time employees. Though they aren’t perfect, I like that they aspire to create 100% living wages across the board. When the hands who made my clothes are treated fairly, they just feel better.” ? Ruby Veridiano, Remake Ambassador, Paris


Photo: Soko


“As an avid lover of jewelry and accessories, I’ve been really into Soko since I heard about them 3 years ago. Aside from the company’s amazing story, wonderful craftsmanship, and use of high-quality eco-friendly materials, the overall aesthetic and price of their jewelry is what totally hooked me. Having worked in fashion for many years, Soko is definitely redefining the “look” of ethical fashion. All their pieces are eye-catching, yet subtle and versatile enough to be worn daily which I love. Lately, I’ve been rocking my Twisted Dash Cuff Bracelet almost everyday which has helped me strike up a few conversations. ? Katrina Caspelich, PR Manager


Photo: The RealReal

The RealReal

“I’m a fan of designer and luxury fashion because those pieces are aesthetically and conceptually exciting. As someone who has a limited budget and avoids buying first-hand leather products, I shop at The RealReal because they provide luxury that’s accessible to me. Plus I’m extending the life cycle of these beautifully designed and made clothes!” ? Yimin Deng, Remake Ambassador, New York City


Photo: Tonle


“My favorite sustainable brand is Tonlé because they truly balance sustainability from an environmental standpoint, using remnant fabrics AND utilizing zero-waste practices AND from a fair labor standpoint, ensuring their makers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. I really love that each piece of clothing they make includes the name of the maker who made it, reminding us that a real person crafted it with their own hands. On Remake’s Journey to Cambodia, I got to meet the founder Rachel Faller and her team of makers and can say first hand Tonle is like a family.” ? Allison Griffin, Remake Ambassador, New York City

Have a favorite sustainable Brand that we don’t know about yet? Reach out and get in touch!


Cover Photo: Priscilla Du Preez/Unsplash

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