In 2018, internet searches for “organic cotton” increased by 47% among shoppers. Clearly, there is interest in this alternative to conventional cotton, but what exactly is it? According to the website, organic cotton is ‘produced and certified to organic agricultural standards.’ In other words, the production of this type of cotton adds to the health of soil, ecosystems, and people, rather than hindering it. Free from toxic chemicals, pesticides, and GMOs (genetically modified organisms,) organic cotton farming utilizes natural processes.

There are various ways in which brands can prove that the raw materials they are sourcing are organic, one of them being the use of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. GOTS uses ecological and social criteria to create a standard for organic cotton supply chains. This crop means higher standards, though it also means ultra-soft fabric. It can be hard to believe that something processed naturally can create such a comfortable feel so we’ve rounded up 8 brands which are proving it can be done! Check these apparel companies ready to make you fall in love with organic cotton:

Alternative Apparel
Photo: Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

With a tagline like “Soft. Simple. Sustainable.” how could we not include this brand in our roundup? Best known for its comfortable range of men’s and women’s basics, Alternative Apparel products hail from Norcross, Georgia. Their website boasts that ‘approximately 60K lbs of organic cotton’ replace the use of conventional cotton in their garments. We highly recommend their unbelievably soft “Organic Cotton Stevie Wrap” for breezy summer nights!

Groceries Apparel
Photo: Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel

Talk about soft! This LA-based clothing company is all about utilizing fabrics you’ll want to eat, sleep, and workout in. From bras to turtlenecks, it’s not hard to find an organic cotton garment for any season. Groceries Apparel’s “Seed to Skin” motto keeps the company dedicated to non-toxic materials and organic cotton. May we suggest grabbing a pair of indigo “Seam Leggings” and matching bralette to get your summer fitness on?


Photo: Harvest & Mill

Harvest & Mill

Ready for some gender-neutral loungewear? We thought so. Harvest & Mill is serving us organic cotton, well, everything. Yet, we’d like to give a special shout out to their unisex drawstring pants and tee packs, which you will never want to take off. Based in the Bay Area and Brooklyn, Harvest & Mill is a proud member of Fibershed, which is committed to ‘the health of our biosphere.’ In addition to their basic comfy sets, the brand sells a range of women’s and men’s cozy basics including two-tone socks!

Photo: Organic Basics

Organic Basics

It seems like a no-brainer to make intimates with chemical-free materials, though very few companies do so. Organic Basics uses GOTS certified organic cotton for much of their undergarments, along with other sustainable fabrics. The Denmark-based intimates brand is on a mission to change the fashion industry for good. Cozy up to their affordable underwear packs for a toxic-free good time!

Photo: Rockin Mama


Born from a love of yoga, there’s no wonder Prana offers clothing that doesn’t harm people or the planet. While the sustainable brand sells much more than yoga pants these days, their passion for durable and eco-friendly clothing remains. Prana believes that organic cotton should be an industry standard and only uses the toxic-free version of the popular fabric. We recommend their soft and practical headband for all your summer yoga classes!

Photo: Good Vibe Mafia

Synergy Organic Clothing

There’s a misconception that organic cotton can only produce casual or activewear, however, we disagree. Synergy’s GOTS certified organic cotton pieces are stylish and comfortable all at once. While they have an extensive line of women’s and men’s apparel, their range of organic skirts are ready for your next event. What’s our favorite? We’re glad you asked! Grab this “Ruched Mini” skirt for a perfect day-to-night look during this heatwave.

Photo: Very Good Bra

The Very Good Bra

As the name implies, The Very Good Bra started with a mission to make a superior bra. Their completely zero post-consumer waste bra is made by utilizing organic cotton fabric, thread, and elastic. While their signature garment focuses on those identifying as female, they also provide comfy sleepwear for all! This small but mighty brand is challenging what it means to be sustainable in 2019.

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Cover Image: João Silas / Unsplash

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