Fashion has been the great love of many of our lives, but there has never been a more imminent moment than now to reset that relationship and reinvest in ourselves. That’s what #NoNewClothes is all about!

Through the collective crisis of coronavirus, we’ve seen fashion’s true colors. Brands in mass canceled and postponed orders, leaving millions of garment makers from LA to Bangladesh to Sri Lanka without wages, housing, and a way to feed their families. In response, Remake launched a petition on March 30th demanding brands #PayUp.

While we are still advocating for brands to #PayUp and support direct relief efforts to secure funds and resources for garment makers, it’s also time to look at our own roles in relation to fashion and the impact our choices have on Mother Earth and the people who make our clothes. It’s time to invest in the planet and ourselves.

So we’re inviting you to join Remake in resetting your relationship with fashion by taking the pledge to buy no new clothes for 90 days. From June 1 to September 1, join us in creating a positive relationship with fashion, one that puts people and the planet first.

For the next 90 days, we will hit pause on our purchases, pledging to buy no new clothes (how you define new is up to you!) while we reflect on the values we want to wear; the changes needed to create an inclusive, resilient fashion industry; and the role we can play moving forward. If the actions of brands and the sufferings of garment makers during the Covid-19 crisis has brought anything to light, it’s this: deep, systemic change is needed in the way fashion conducts its business.

By pledging to buy no new clothes — whether that’s buying nothing at all or only secondhand —  for 90 days, you will reduce your carbon footprint, limit the waste you send to the landfill, and keep your hard-earned dollars away from companies that hurt people and the planet.

Share your journey with Remake on Instagram, by tagging @remakeourworld and sharing the hashtag #NoNewClothes! 

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