This is my 4th month into my No New Clothes journey and I can happily report that it’s one the most liberating and empowering decisions I have ever made. Instead of feeling limited and lacking I feel incredibly abundant and stylish. I have so much love for all my clothes, I truly cherish and adore them and think how lucky I am to be able to treasure these pieces for the rest of my life. I imagine growing old with certain favorite pieces and fantasize about a future where I tell people that what I’m wearing is 30 years old! It’s made me really revaluate my own style and distill it down to its essence. Timelessness and not trendiness is of utmost importance and now that I’ve unfollowed all IG profiles that used to leave me in a state of perpetual lack – I feel liberated from the tyranny of trends!

I also recently spent 3 weeks in Alaska watching the glaciers melt before my eyes. It put everything into perspective for me, and made my shopping addictions of the past look like complete foolishness.  While in Alaska I was reading articles about the proposed drilling in the Arctic that President Trump just approved. I felt overcome with grief imagining the devastation this would cause and the loss of wildlife. Sprinkled into the article were advertisements for new shoes on a major luxury shopping site.

It was such a poignant moment to be reading about something truly important to our fate as humans and to the fate of the planet. And then have it juxtaposed with something that most of my generation think is important. It made me very sad to be honest.

Pop culture, “fashion” culture has been filling me with despair as of late. Now that I’m out of the matrix I can see clearly what a distraction the whole fashion circus really is. And how much time and energy we invest in it. If we could get as many people passionate about the melting glaciers as they are about this seasons must have shoe – maybe we could start turning things around.


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I’m not saying fashion isn’t important. But it has strayed so far from its roots in creativity and self expression. Today’s world of fashion is purely designed with one goal in mind; Profit all costs. I long for the next generation of designers to rise up and start changing the game. I want to see them creatively using  regenerative textiles like Henequen, Mycellium Leather and Hemp. I long for enough public  support to ban synthetic fibers completely.

Do you know that the micro-plastics leaked from these fibers have even been found in fish and rain? Think about that next time you order your yellowtail sashimi.

Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting into an echo chamber. Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me there are other dreamers out there who want to tear this fashion system down and start again, rebuilding in a way that ensures justice for the earth and all living beings. Who else is out there that shares that dream? Who has the vision and the follow through to help make this a reality? I want to work with you….

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