As much as we love sharing our favorite sustainable brands here on our platform, practicing sustainable fashion isn’t just about buying better, but also about taking good care of your clothes. When you take time to care and repair your clothes, you can keep them longer, which leads to reduced consumption and thus, decreased waste.

That’s why we want to share a few fashion hacks to help you keep your clothes in mint condition. This way, you can preserve your wardrobe’s quality and slow fashion down. Here are a few useful hacks that aren’t just easy, sustainable and fun:

Pinch zippers back into tip-top shape

Broken zippers can be a bummer. Whether on your bag or jacket, broken zippers can zap the functionality right out of your item. Before you toss it out or replace it, try fixing it up with a few simple tools in your home.

If the zipper is separating and has lost its ability to close up, it’s likely that the gap between its top and bottom board has gotten too wide (it separates over time). Take a pair of pliers and pinch each side of the zipper to tighten. Once you close it up a bit, it should start working again! Watch this video here for more instructions.

If the zipper is stuck and won’t budge, take a granite pencil or a cotton swab of Vaseline and apply it over the zipper’s teeth. Both will smoothen it out, and should put the movement back. Need more assistance? See this video for help.

Shave your sweater

Over time, sweaters and knits start to fuzz up, aging the garment. For a quick and painless refresher, lay your sweater out on a flat surface and gently graze a razor over it. It should shed the tiny little ‘pills’ that form over your knit. Once you’re done, use a lint roller or tape to remove any remaining excess. In 30 seconds, your sweater is good as new! Watch this video for more details.

Dish it out

Dishwashing fluid is for more than plates! Armed with oil fighting powers, dish soap is a whiz at washing out any oil stains out of your garments. Apply a dime size amount to the affected area, and rub out the stain. Should be spic and span in no time.

Give your leathers the vinegar treatment

Vinegar has plenty of uses, but did you know that when mixed with water, you can help remove stains off your leather items? Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar, and dip a soft cloth in the mixture. Wring out the cloth so it is damp, not wet, and use it to wipe over your leather jacket, boot or bag. It not only removes stains, but it will give it a new luster too.

(Hair)Spray out your stains

A red lip is the ultimate chic look…until it gets on your clothes. We’ve all been there: we put on a lipstick that slays, and then it kills your outfit when it ends up on your crisp white shirt. Don’t worry, it’s not a goner. Just spray a bit of hairspray on the affected area, let it sit a few minutes, and either wash them by hand or add them to your washing machine load. That should do the trick!

Thanks to these useful hacks, you can preserve your clothes and keep them longer, giving you one less reason to consume more- plus, it saves the planet.

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