Think of fewer better things like Beyoncé’s hit singles: they will remain relevant, attractive and fun regardless of what’s in season.

Fast fashion has failed us. It’s made us expect clothing to fall apart and last a single season, pigeonholing us into an endless cycle to keep up with the trends.

These clothes are designed for rapid obsolescence and the more we buy, the unhappier we’ve become.

Fashion can be simple yet stylish by investing in fewer better things that are higher quality. Our capsule collection is a start in this direction to get your basics right, making you look better and feel better and save you money in the long run because each piece is built to last.

In starting with a strong core set of basics, you get multiple uses and have a canvas to throw on unique handbags, shoes and accessories. Here are some of my favorite fashion icons’ take on this topic:

Rachel Zoe, celebrity stylist and designer

“It’s better to have fewer things of quality than too much expendable junk.”

Photo: School of Style

Eileen Fisher, fashion designer

“For me, it is about simplicity. If it is simple, it can be worn in over time in multiple ways.”

Photo: TEDx

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