Fashion Remake - Ravishing Rentals Infographic

Happy Holidays—it’s time to party! Don’t feel like dishing out tons of cash on an outfit you’ll only wear for one night? Rent! It’s fun, cheap, and easy on the planet.

Renting is the opposite of fast, disposable fashion. When we rent and share clothes—instead of buying and tossing them—it’s less landfill, less production pollution, and less turnaround pressure for makers. Plus you’ll always be the belle of the ball in new digs.

Rent the Runway

If you’re dressing to the nines, then Rent the Runway is your one-stop shop—er, rental—for fancy dresses, jewelry, coats, and bags.

Le Tote

Handpick your favorites from Le Tote’s extensive collection of clothes and accessories, and rent them as long as you want!

Closet Collective

Closet Collective is like a magic portal into a sea of closets. You can rent clothes from other people, and if you want they can rent from your closet too!

Gwynnie Bee

If you’re looking for size 10-32, join Gwynnie Bee, and rent stylish clothes that you pick yourself to ensure a perfect fit.

The Ms Collection

Keep rotating your closet! Each month a stylist picks out clothes based on your fashion preferences. Enjoy them, send them back, and wait for your next surprise.

The Mr Collection

Dudes, we haven’t forgotten you! This monthly rental subscription will keep your threads—hand-picked by a stylist—current and cool.

Bag, Borrow, or Steal

Bags in every shape, size, and color! No more worrying about whether you have a bag that matches your outfit—just rent one.


Want an unlimited supply of jewelry? Here’s how it works—borrow three pieces and whenever you feel like something new, send the pieces back for another set.

Mine for Nine

Expecting a little one? Why buy clothes you’ll outgrow in weeks? Mine for Nine let’s you rent maternity clothes for as long as you want—and as long as they fit.

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