In 2020, we released our Brand Transparency Report, which was created in an effort to celebrate the brands that are working towards a better future and call out the brands that just aren’t up to par. While limiting your shopping and thrifting second-hand finds is always the best place to start, these eight brands are our picks for when you need to shop for some basics. At Remake, we’re head over heels for these eight sustainable clothing companies who we’ve labeled our Rockstars and each holds a special place in our heart due to their commitments to transparency, sustainable practices, and ethical production. Let the love fest begin.


best sustainable brands

1. Outerknown

Located in Los Angeles, this Fair Trade Certified™ business produces sustainable women’s and men’s clothing fit for surfers and influencers alike. Outerknown boasts of close relationships with each supplier in their manufacturing process, even making it a point to include every factory’s address on their website. A publicly-available ‘Code of Conduct’ continues to hold the growing team accountable in making decisions with people and the environment in mind. Outerknown’s commitment to transparency and constant improvement makes them a beacon of hope in this otherwise messy industry.

2. MUD Jeans

After spending 30 years in traditional fashion, Bert van Son decided to make a difference instead. In 2013, MUD Jeans was born with the mission to ‘change the fashion industry, starting with the most popular piece of clothing: a pair of jeans.’ Through water conservation, CO2 savings, exclusion of toxic chemicals, and product recycling, the brand sets a wonderful example for all denim companies. MUD Jeans goes so far as to include a downloadable Sustainability Report on its website, detailing every inch of its efforts towards creating a better fashion industry. 

best sustainable brands

3. Raven + Lily

This online marketplace features a myriad of high quality, stylish, and ethically made accessories. Raven + Lily, B Corp Certified and a Fair Trade Federation Member, has been committed to responsible practices for 10 years. The company partners with artisans from around the world including Kenya, India, Malaysia, Peru, and the United States. While Raven + Lily values its partnerships with each maker, the company’s ultimate goal is focused in aiding these women in creating independently run, successful businesses. In addition to caring for the individuals in its supply chain, the online shop boasts products made with local, sustainable, and recycled materials.

4. Girlfriend Collective

Remember those free leggings advertised online that seemed too good to be true? Turns out they’re the real deal. Based in Seattle, Girlfriend Collective has made bold strides towards positioning itself as a competitive alternative to top activewear brands. The company uses recycled polyester, recycled water bottles, ECONYL® yarn (made from recycled fishing nets,) and byproduct from the cotton industry to make its colorful collections. The icing on the cake comes in the form of Girlfriend Collective’s ‘Sustainability’ page where all transparent answers to burning questions about its supply chain live, available for everyone to see.

5. Organic Basics

Headquartered in Denmark, this brand uses GOTS certified organic cotton for almost all of its intimate products. Organic Basics operates with a mission to change the fashion industry for good through simple, high quality basics, and comfortable undergarments. With a thorough list of factories and fabrics used on its website, the company definitely practices what it preaches. Not to mention, Organic Basics created a tab on its site for a ‘Impact Report 2019,’ which comprehensively outlines all the brand accomplished last year, as well as what still needs improvement. Transparency at its finest.

best sustainable brands

6. Patagonia

Often known as one of the original sustainable clothing brands, this Ventura-based outdoor company puts its money where its mouth is. Since the 1970s, founder Yvon Chouinard has never settled for ‘good enough’ and continues to lead the brand in constant innovation. Just two years, Patagonia launched Worn Wear, a section of its website dedicated to buying, selling, and trading secondhand gear. To top it off, the company also launched a collection of completely upcycled garments and accessories called ReCrafted. Patagonia stays true to its mission statement: ‘We’re in business to save our home planet.’

7. Nudie Jeans

Another denim brand focused on taking responsibility for its products brings modern styles to the world via Sweden. The Nudie Jeans website hosts an overwhelming amount of information on the company’s efforts– some highlights include the brand’s repair services, responsibly sourced cotton, and ethical manufacturing. Through the use of recycled cotton, Fairtrade certified cotton, and GOTS certified cotton, Nudie Jeans creates jeans which put the planet and people over profit. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Nudie Jeans consistently commits to reevaluating its production process and ensuring that everyone across its supply chain works under fair conditions.

best sustainable brands

8. Cotopaxi

This lesser-known outdoor gear brand operates as a certified B-Corporation and ‘Do Good’ company. Cotopaxi, named after an active volcano in Ecuador, aims to produce timeless and durable pieces for those who love adventure. The US-based company partners with factories in China, Cambodia, India, Bolivia, and the Philippines who commit to a strict code of conduct in order to ensure fair labor practices at every facility. Each product on the Cotopaxi website comes with a description of the materials used (many with Responsible Down Certifications,) factories involved in the making, and easy access information about its giving business model.

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