Whether it be the intrinsic satisfaction gained from gifting or the joy of receiving, it is inevitable that the holiday season involves a trip or two to your favorite store.

In order to keep up with increased demand during this time, retailers prepare months in advance to ensure their store in filled with season appropriate merchandise. From scouring tradeshows to visiting their go-to showrooms and online platforms, they set out on a mission to find new products their customers will love. However, as consumer awareness rises, so do the number of questions being asked before committing to making a purchase.

For many consumers, transparency into how and by whom a product is made is slowly becoming a need alongside quality, style, and price. To keep up with ever changing consumer mindsets, here are 5 reasons why stores should stock ethical and sustainable brands:

1. The Rising Consumer Conscious

Owners and buyers for clothing boutiques, gift shops, home stores, and e-commerce curators all have one thing in common: the need to lookout for the latest and greatest trends. One trend that is on the rise and, rest assured, will never go out of style is conscious production and consumption.

Consumers are starting to demand products that are better for the planet and the people living in it.

Through their choice of merchandise, independent retailers are able to cater to this shift and expose shoppers to products free from modern slavery and environmental destruction.

2. Be Part of the Responsible Retail Revolution

We’ve all been spoiled by the low cost of fast fashion to the point where we now think clothing is meant to be cheap and disposable. It’s important to acknowledge that while most of us want to “buy ethical,” it can sometimes be out of reach. With retailers often being the first touchpoint a consumer has to a brand, they can be instrumental in re-shaping our now skewed sense of value by educating the public about the power of their purchases and how it is about buyer better, less frequently.

3. Make your Store Stand Out

As an independent retailer, curating a collection of items that will draw in your market is at the forefront of what brings valued customers back season after season. Slow fashion and lifestyle brands are unique in the sense that they thoughtfully design and manufacture collections in small batches where quantities are often limited and products are made with care. Not only can you easily find unique pieces from brands and designers, each product is tied to a story that stays with consumers long after they leave your store.

4. Support ‘Good’ Companies

When you choose to stock product from an ethical brand you are not only choosing to support a business built on fairness and transparency, but you are also getting great pieces that you can now proudly sell to your customers. When it boils down to it, doing good and looking good are not mutually exclusive. So why not support the businesses that do both?

5. Help Consumers Shop their Values

Holiday shopping can be hectic and often last minute. Make it easier for people to gift their loved ones with items that aren’t easily dispensable by stocking your store with brands they can feel good about giving. Consumers are starting to shop their values now more than ever before. What better time than the holidays to spread the gift of awareness and give them access to mission driven brands.

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