Olympic Ethical Sportswear Infographic

It’s time for the Olympics! Here are Remake’s winners in the stylish, ethical and sustainable sportswear category:

Bronze: Fibre Athletics

New player Fibre Athletics gets a medal for launching their sportswear line, made fairly in the USA from organic and recycled materials.

Silver: prAna

From Fair Trade to organic cotton to recycled polyester, prAna incorporates ethical practices and sustainable materials into stylish yoga and sportswear.

Gold: Patagonia

Patagonia wins the gold for continuing to increase its number of Fair Trade factories and leading the industry with innovative examples, such as its takeback repair program and traceable down standard.

And here are the losers who were disqualified for foul play…

  • Lululemon. Sweats with sweatshop labor? Lululemon lacks many processes that assure well-being for makers.
  • Nike. Expensive sneakers, but the maker probably wasn’t paid much. We want to see a living wage, beyond the minimum wage!

Enjoy the summer Olympics, and share this with your friends! In the spirit of good sportsmanship, let’s support the winners.

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