Experts say that 2019 could be the watershed year for sustainable fashion. With a growing awareness and willingness of the industry to put the movement at center stage, it could indeed be a breakthrough moment. But here’s the caveat: it can’t happen without YOU.

So what can you do to make 2019 the year for sustainable fashion? Below, we’ve gathered a few resolutions that you can commit to right now, to transform the fashion industry into a world-changing force!

1. Educate Yourself

First things first: read up on sustainable fashion and learn about the many ways it affects the people and the planet. The more you learn, the more you’ll know about how you can contribute and why. We at Remake have got you covered: from articles to short films, we give you fun tips, brands to support, as well as stories straight from the field to show you the realities behind the industry. Interested in meeting the fierce women behind your clothes? Head over to our films, their stories will inspire you.


2. Love The Clothes You Have Now

It’s tempting to always add on to your existing wardrobe to feel fresh, but before doing so, take an inventory of your closet and see what else in there continues to “spark joy”. Taking cues from tidying expert Marie Kondo, lay out all of your clothes to see what’s really in your closet. More than likely, you’ll find pieces that you’ve forgotten about, and things you can mix and match for a “new” look.

You’ll likely have some old clothes from fast fashion brands–don’t throw them out, as that creates more waste! Instead, if you still love them, keep them and get as much wear from it as you can.

3. Repair Your Wears

Another way to love on your clothes is to repair them! Instead of discarding items that have a minor tear or a missing button, take cues from our life-changing fashion hacks, and find ways to preserve your clothes by repairing or altering them to prolong its life.

4. Say No To Fast Fashion ?

We know it’s tempting to take the easy route and buy from fast fashion brands because they are trendy and affordable, but these brands wreak the most havoc on women and the environment. The fast fashion business model is designed to fall apart easily, and to poison natural resources at an alarming rate. Not to mention, they exploit their labor force too, 80% of which are made of women ages 18-24.


Photo: Tradesy

5. Buy Secondhand

With a plethora of new ways to buy secondhand, thrifting has gotten a chic new makeover. Whether buying vintage or consignment, new online platforms have emerged to help you find both casual wear and luxury items. Buying secondhand is always better than buying brand-new, because it essentially recycles what is already out there.

We want to discourage brands like H&M from massive overproduction, so the more we buy secondhand, the more we advocate for a new way of consuming.

6. take our 30 day challenge ?

You’ve asked, and we’ve listened. We’re posting more sustainable brands you can trust on our website than ever before, making it easier for you to indulge in fashion that makes the world a more sustainable and equitable place. To get started on your sustainable fashion journey, you can join your fellow Remakers in our 30 day challenge, to break up with fast fashion and remake your closet with clothes that respect women and our planet! You can take the pledge by signing up here!

7. Swap Your Clothes

Another alternative for shopping is to gather unwanted, pre-loved clothes and swapping them with your friends. Before sending them out for donations, check in and see if your friends can use them, and vice-versa. This way, everyone wins. Check out our guidelines for hosting a clothing swap for ideas.

8. Buy Ethical

If you are going to buy new clothes, start supporting sustainable brands whenever possible. While sustainable brands can sometimes be a challenge to find, we at Remake have done the hard work for you: we’ve compiled a list of carefully vetted brands that have proven themselves to be a force for good. Head on over to our shop for the complete list!


Photo: Meet Ambassador Brana Dane (pictured here) and more on our team page.

9. Become a Remake Ambassador ?

Inspired to get more involved? Join our network of global ambassadors, and help us mobilize! Around the world, Remakers like you are scaling impact by helping to educate others about sustainable fashion. We’ll equip you with tools, ideas and a community to support you in bringing the movement to your local community. What are you waiting for? Head on over and apply to be an ambassador today.

10. Spread the Word

Now that you know how and why to participate in the sustainable fashion, it’s time to spread the word! Share this article (or any others we have) on your social media platforms, and begin educating your friends about how to get involved. This movement can’t happen without your voice, so join us in amplifying the movement. With your help, this year can indeed be the year when sustainable fashion goes mainstream.

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Lead Image: fung lam/Unsplash; Images: c/o Brana Dane, Tradesy, Pexels

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