There is more than one way to be sustainable, which means, lucky for us, there are so many different sustainable bloggers to follow for inspiration. From plant-obsessed to model vibes, we’re introducing our favorite sustainable fashion bloggers now:

? The All-Encompassing…

Founded by Alden Wicker, Ecocult is an influential sustainable fashion blog who brings her favorite brands and critical thought pieces to your everyday reading list. You can see Alden’s sustainable lifestyle as she is travels the world, coupled with other subjects such as wedding, travel, food, beauty, and home.

? The Plant-Obsessed…

Youtube: Summer Rayne Oakes
Summer Rayne is all about a simple mantra:“finding the extraordinary in people by inspiring and empowering them to live an active, healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life.” She uses her platforms–Insta, YouTube and her website–to help people become attuned to nature by providing simple steps to introduce more green into their everyday lives.

? The Model moment…

A fashion model, content creator and earth activist, Renee Elizabeth Peters is using her platform to spark conversation about people’s roles in protecting the environment. She’s one of the original influencers for sustainability, using her platform Model4GreenLiving to provide practical tips and everyday actions that encourage mindful, sustainable living.

✍️ The Personal touch…

Natalie is a digital storyteller who inspires others to live a more sustainable, meaningful, and mindful life. You can find her thrifted outfits du jour, along with her votes for local and ethical businesses who are making positive change: “I think everyone can benefit from adopting sustainable practices, and through my blog, I try to create this community where people can feel inspired to take on the journey together.”

? The RElatable…

Youtube: Wear I Live
Through her videos, Jenny shares with us her journey of becoming more ethical and sustainable. Covering subjects such as her daily routine, what she eats, her closet cleanouts, seasonal fashion tips and so much more, she is communicating her sustainable and fashionable lifestyle with us in the most relatable way.

? The Artist…

China occupies a significant position in the global fashion industry, and as both a Chinese person and a fashionista, Song Rao has taken the responsibility to do something good for both fashion and the planet. Rao has been building his online community with no rules attached. To him, people can do whatever they want with fashion: use fashion as a tool to express their worldviews, or anything else. One piece we love? He’s consuming less: “I stopped purchasing new outfits from earlier this year. I want to figure out a way to reuse the old things and avoid the waste while making fashion statements.”

?The Thrifter…

Youtube: TJR
“I’m TJR! I’m a NYC native, with ambition and passion for fashion and creativity!” TJR has so much energy, it’s contagious. As a stylist, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and YouTuber, this 18 year old is juggling several hats while he studies fashion business management at FIT. “I love showing people what my life is like through videos and projecting positivity and motivation… to bring others together through fashion.” He is an avid thrifter and clothing re-user, helping the overall ecosystem and preventing waste. For him, “you see the culture and meaning behind vintage clothes and it’s about the design and quality not the brand or logo.”

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