Sharleen Ernster

Q&A with Sharleen Ernster of WeAreHAH

Joining the sustainability movement shouldn’t be scary. We talked with Sharleen Ernster of WeAreHAH about what it means to start somewhere.

Key Takeaways from Sharleen Ernster

  • Starting somewhere means you start where you are, with what you’ve got. As long as you remain curious, you will continue to evolve and grow on your journey.
  • Your voice matters! And we are always casting a vote with our choices, whether as a consumer, or a citizen. We have the opportunity to create the change we want to see with every purchase we make.
  • Sharing is caring. When you share the experience you have had with an ethical brand, more people can learn and gain knowledge from you. Using our voices to support conscious brands brings awareness and attention to their product and purpose so that they can increase their reach and do more good.
  • Don’t be intimidated by joining a movement, taking up a new cause, or wanting to learn something new. Bringing a healthy sense of curiosity to all of our life choices means that we can always be making the best choices in the moment and will always continue to build off those choices as we learn and grow. Always be proud of starting exactly where you are.

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  1. I just became interested in fashion sustainability during this pandemic and it was overwhelming all the levels that are affected. I decided to take baby steps like shopping my closet, only buying if I absolutely loved it, buying less but quality over quantity. It has led me to be better about recycling and making sure I have a full load before I do laundry. Small steps now with the hope of an overall lifestyle ultimately.

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