One year later: what’s happening to garment workers after 12 months of brand negligence?

Hear from the following labor organizers, suppliers, and research experts in the recorded press conference above, moderated by Aja Barber.

1) Zaki Saleemi, Vice President of Crescent Bahuman, Pakistan’s first vertically integrated denim facility, board of Trustees, Transformers Foundation, a coalition advancing ethical and sustainable practices in the denim industry

2) Khalid Mahmood, Director, Labour Education Foundation, a worker rights NGO in Pakistan

3) Scott Nova, Executive Director of the Worker Rights Consortium, which oversees the Covid-19 fashion tracker 

4) Ayesha Barenblat, Founder and CEO of Remake and co-author of PayUpFashion, which organized the #PayUp campaign

In conversation with Aja Barber, writer, stylist – intersection of fashion x sustainability.

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