What is the power of giving? This month we had an emotional and inspiring call about how our Remake community can power our movement to make fashion a force for good.

We heard from our founder Ayesha Barenblatt about the dramatic moments in Remake’s earliest days when we realized that we could not be tied to the performance expectations of brands and foundations who were funding our work, and instead, needed complete freedom to promote the radical transparency that we are fighting for in the fashion industry.

Breaking ties with these funding sources was a difficult decision, but we never looked back. Our work is to move the industry forward by pushing for radical transformation, and we rely on the financial support of our ambassadors and community to continue our work in educating, organizing, and pushing for industry reform.

Our ambassadors and Remake team shared their stories of what giving to Remake means to them and how it has impacted their lives, their work, and their empowerment in activism.

Anne Therese Gennari, co-founder of Role Models Management (& Remake official partner!) shared how moved she was to contribute to our work once she learned about the impact it was having on garment workers’ lives and realized the role she could play in that impact. She feels reinvigorated by the #PayUpFashion Movement and knows that our work is only just beginning.

Stella Abril, a proud Remake ambassador and founder of the forthcoming Change is Now podcast, shared her story of feeling helpless amidst all of the chaos of global events in 2020. She used this feeling to get moving and build something — she donating 40% of sale profits for her Change is Now t-shirts directly to Remake! Stella showed us how creative we can be with our approaches to action and giving.

Our very own Remake Director of Education, Sam Hartsock shared how she used her Christmas wish list last year to ask for donation gifts to Remake. Her dad made a contribution to Remake on her behalf. Sam’s closet stayed light, and our work got stronger!

Caroline Miller, Remake’s Manager of Education, shared ways in which you can host events to raise money. She talked about the success of our #NoNewClothes challenge and how you can use tools like Eventbrite to collect donations for panels, webinars, and workshops you host about how to #wearyourvalues.

Your donation to Remake has a direct impact on our ability to empower women, pressure brands, grow our ambassador community, create valuable education resources, and drive transparency in the fashion industry. That’s the power of giving.

Are you ready to have a huge impact on making fashion a force for good?

Commit to a monthly donation and power our movement!


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