As we cruise Insta for fashion inspiration, odds are you’ll find slogan graphic tees, like “The Future Is Female” and “Feminist AF”. The fashion world has been quick to commoditize our increasingly activist voices.

Fashionistas are showing their values on the streets. Via fashion, beauty and lifestyle online magazine Q-E3.

But in our quest to commoditize our values, we sometimes forget the production process. Is the woman who made our “Future is Female” tee any better off?

On March 12, we are excited to bring the Remake movement to SXSW! In Austin? do join us to discover facts the fashion industry does not want you to know, to hear inspiring stories of the 75 million resilient women who make our clothes around the world and discover practical ways to buy better. Here are the deets to join us live in Austin:

Mar 12, 2018 | 5:00pm – 6:00pm CST

Westin Austin Downtown

Continental 1-2

310 E 5th ST.

Can’t be in Austin? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Take Part:

(1) We’ll be streaming the talk LIVE on Facebook.

(2) Download our wallet-friendly conscious fashion buying guide.

(3) Sign up for our mailing list on Monday 3/12 before midnight and enter a chance to win $1000 of product from our favorite conscious fashion brands, including Remake’s very own limited edition, super soft, organic Wear Your Values tee.

The Feminism x Fashion Videos To Watch Now:

(1) Wear Your Values San Francisco

Around the world, Remake’s Ambassadors take to the streets to meet you, photograph or video your street style and get your thoughts on how we can all wear our values.

(2) Feminism x Fashion Unite

Fashion has always been a signal of our voice, and our values. The good news is beyond the slogan tees, we can actually wear our values.

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