Today the story of how our clothes, shoes and technology are made is hidden. The few headlines that we do see fill us with despair: workers losing their lives and limbs in Bangladesh, fainting from exhaustion in Cambodia and being trapped in fires in Pakistan. It’s unclear what we can do. So we get on with our lives.

Remake is here to help you reimagine this story.

The 18-24 year old mostly young women making our stuff have hopes and dreams that are no different to ours – to be healthy, financially stable and happy.

Today vast and complex supply chains are broken. The designer dreaming up sleek and beautiful products is disconnected from the maker working long hours. And we are completely disconnected from the hundreds of human hands who make the stuff we wear and touch everyday.

Remake is here to rebuild human connections between makers, shoppers and brands.

We want you to come with us on immersive life changing journeys into maker communities. To share makers’ lives and dreams using Periscope and Meerkat. We want shoppers to befriend makers on Facebook, share photos on Instagram and advocate for their wellbeing on Twitter.

Today shopping is about cheap, disposable stuff with a heavy human and environmental cost.

Remake is here to reshape our relationship with shopping.

Let’s spark a race to the top with our favorite brands. Rewarding those that improve the lives of makers. So that we can wear our favorite jeans and reach for our cell phone, knowing we asked about her and her life is better because we asked.

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Take our June poll and shopping challenge. Ask your favorite brand who made your #OOTD

Come with us for our Remake journey to Cambodia.

Together we can improve makers lives and reshape our relationship with shopping.

We are so excited to remake the story of how our stuff is made with you.


The Remake team

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