1. Our hopes and dreams are no different

Abdul from Panipat and I have the same goals, hopes, and dreams. Ultimately we just want to be happy, and want our children to have a brighter future. When asked about the future Abdul didn’t talk about material items—he just wants to see his children succeed and go further in life than himself. To become doctors and engineers. When you boil it down, that is what we all want.

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2. Our everyday products = incredible human effort

In the last few months, I’ve seen what it takes to produce the things we use everyday—from t-shirts to jeans to bathroom rugs. Seeing the number of human hours that go into these everyday items, the painstaking love and effort, has changed my relationship with these products forever.

If we all take a moment and think about the amount of human effort, will it make us want to throw away less? Or buy less? Or perhaps shop differently?

target yarn rug weave

3. Together we can make a difference

To borrow a phrase from Captain Planet, “Let our powers combine!” Individually we may not be able to affect change, but working together we can make a difference. In Panipat I saw the power of GoodWeave as an NGO, Target as a seller, and Remake as a storyteller combine our unique powers to improve makers’ lives. As consumers we are also powerful. By buying rugs that have the Goodweave logo we can directly send a signal to the market to say, I want Abdul’s kids and all of the children in Panipat to stay in school and to have a brighter future.

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