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#PayUpFashion Tracker

On March 30th, 2020, Remake launched a petition demanding brands #PayUp as a response to reports coming in from suppliers that brands had cancelled in-production orders as a result of retail constriction following the outbreak of coronavirus. Accruing over 270,000+ signatures and a worldwide movement including actresses Nat Kelly, models Cameron Russell, Arizona Muse and Amber Valletta, we decided to take #PayUp to the next level: PayUp Fashion

PayUp Fashion aims to center worker voices and demands in the future of fashion. This long-term vision for change lays out concrete, actionable labor rights goals, including:

1) #PayUp

2) Keep Workers Safe

3) Go Transparent

4) Give Workers Center Stage

5) Sign Enforceable Contracts

6) End Starvation Wages

7) Help Pass Laws

On the campaign’s website, we encourage the public to show their support by immediately signing the new petition and sharing their support on social media.

Over the course of the next year, we will be pressuring 40 major brands and retailers, including the 20 most profitable apparel companies (as just 20 control 97% of industry profits), and others deemed culturally important. These companies hold the power to shape the future of labor rights and environmental standards for the entire industry — it’s time to hold them accountable. 

In addition to tracking brand actions, the coalition will release mini campaigns via social media to leverage citizen power, keeping garment worker voices in the conversation.

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  1. The workers at the bottom of the supply chain contributes huge but get less quite insignificant in return. The wages does not covers their living cost, they are worst victim during this pandemic. Women workers are facing unbearable risk of health and harassment by the revival of patriarchy. I fully support this movement, i am happy to contribute if my work is needed regarding this.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for starting the campaign for retailers and brands to pay up, in support of of Bangladesh workers. This is of critical importance as many people will face destitution and starvation,

    You have therefore, you have started something of extremely high significance.

    Please would you kindly add and also highlight Debenhams to your list, as they are asking for a 90% discount from all of its Bangladesh suppliers, which is outrageous.


  3. This campaign is a very great idea! When I saw the news of these companies not honoring their contracts, the first thing came to my mind is Bangladesh. It’s a pity to see Bangladesh in this state even after Rana plaza! I really hope this campaign works and lets the world now who are ethic and who are not! I’ve been doing my side work through my social media to bring awareness. I’m always here to help you people!

    I’m very happy to see the results!

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