On March 30th, 2020, Remake launched a petition demanding brands #PayUp as a response to reports coming in from suppliers that brands had cancelled in-production orders as a result of retail constriction following the outbreak of coronavirus.

With 250,000+ signatures to date, a worldwide movement including actresses Nat Kelly, models Cameron Russell, Arizona Muse and Amber Valletta, and our own Remake community has mobilized around the #PayUp petition.

To be removed from the #PayUp petition, brands must promise to pay suppliers for all orders that were cancelled or paused as a result of coronavirus. Furthermore, brands must agree to pay for these cancelled and in-production orders in full (without asking suppliers for discounts) and in a timely manner (without extending payment terms unless financing options can be provided).


TJX (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, etc.) — July 15th, 2020

There are currently 17 brands included on Remake’s #PayUp petition. You can find the full brand list here.

Recent #PayUp Victories

Gap — July 10th, 2020

Levi’s — July 6th, 2020

19 brands have committed to pay in full for orders completed and in production. It is estimated that the #PayUp campaign has unlocked an estimated $1 billion for suppliers in Bangladesh and $22 billion globally. You can find the full brand list here.

For more detailed information on brand actions, please consult the following trackers:

Worker Rights Consortium COVID-19 Tracker

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre COVID-19 Action Tracker

Remake has also received the following complaints from Suppliers regarding brands not yet being petitioned:

*Please note that these complaints were sent to Remake and need to be further investigated. Remake is choosing to leave the speakers anonymous to protect their identity.

Received on July 23rd, 2020: “Our company produced embroidery work for SEMSEM LLC, Its a high end luxury brand in USA. The owner is Abeer Al Otaiba, supposedly a philanthropist and doing charity work. The creative director is Charles Youssef….a faculty at Parsons. Two styles were produced with them. One was delivered before the lockdown. The second style could not make delivery as US imposed lockdown. They refused to pay the invoice for both styles saying their clients NET-A-PORTER have canceled orders and there is nothing they can do to pay us and refused to accept delivery of the 2nd style. We ask they respect their orders! They do charity work when they cant even pay their suppliers what they are due!!!! Its a shame.”

Received on July 20th, 2020: “[I] want to reach out about the company I work for, Perry Ellis International, who I recently found out has not paid for orders placed during the 2020 season. This came as no shock to me as I was furloughed back in March once Covid hit the US and PEI had to drop 60% of it’s work force. Their business management is one fo the worst I’ve ever worked for so again was not surprised to find this out. Please add them to the #payup movement!”

Received on July 17th, 2020: “Please add Steinmart to this list. I have been a vendor for them for 8 years. I had orders with their label on them with PO’S that were cancelled. These goods were already made and packed. I shipped them product in January in excess of over 400,000 that still has not been paid. They asked in March for an additional 60 days and we granted that. It is now 130 days past due. After numerous phone calls I am being told that priority is given to pre paying vendors for new product instead of paying their past due debts. They said that they owe over 600 vendors and will meet in a couple of months to work out a payment plan. In the mean time, they keep ordering new goods instead of taking the orders they had written PO’S on because of the pricing in the market now is less. They are putting many vendors out of business. Hoping they will be added to your list.”

Received on July 9th, 2020: Basically, True Religion made the commitment of pending payment and future order in January and factory bought the raw materials, trims,etc to fulfill their orders. Because of the commitment, factory shipped more containers to them on March. Then True Religion filed Chapter 11 and has not paid penny to the factory since March. True Religion deceived the factory completely to receive the products from them.  They are making money without paying the vendors. Now, True Religion refused to take the work in process. Factory has to get paid and ship the work in process to pay the workers. True Religion is not answering any communication at this moment and didn’t even issue the release letter to the factory and factory is sitting on the goods without payment or release letter. If True Religion doesn’t solve this problem soon, factory can’t be closed and our 1000 workers will lost the job without getting payment. I’d like to seek for any help from you including campaign, using social media, local newspaper, etc for True Religion to pay the factory so that our workers can get paid and continue to have job.”

Received on July 7th, 2020: “I work for Confecciones Monzini, a manufacturing plant that produced 70% of its capacity for Tailored Brands Inc. (The Men’s Warehouse parent company) We manufacture dress shirts and made to measure custom shirts for them and have been their supplier for years. Earlier this March 2020, at the start of the pandemic, we received an email stating that all orders were to be on hold and that they would instruct us on a later date. On April the 3rd we received an email stating that they would be extending payment terms by 90 days for products shipped prior to that date. To this date, we have no clear indication of what to do with open orders and raw materials that were bought pursuant of TBI direction. We have contacted them on multiple occasions asking for payments (all invoices are already past the 90-day extension) and they have not replied. Complete radio silence, we have contacted our usual counterparts in TBI and our company president has even written the CEO, Dinesh Lathi, on several occasions. All these attempts have been unsuccessful. The company has had to suspend without pay of employees and with the pandemic it is likely they will have to be laid off once the suspension period is over. The company tried to keep them on payroll for about a month and a half but without receiving payment from their primary customer this was impossible to sustain. Honduras is one of the world’s poorest countries, and these people are likely to starve because of this brand’s irresponsible behavior.”

If you are a supplier and would like to share information on a brand’s behavior, please reach out to Remake at info@remake.world.

Sign the #PayUp Petition

Last Updated: Friday July 24th at 10:30pm PT


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  1. The workers at the bottom of the supply chain contributes huge but get less quite insignificant in return. The wages does not covers their living cost, they are worst victim during this pandemic. Women workers are facing unbearable risk of health and harassment by the revival of patriarchy. I fully support this movement, i am happy to contribute if my work is needed regarding this.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for starting the campaign for retailers and brands to pay up, in support of of Bangladesh workers. This is of critical importance as many people will face destitution and starvation,

    You have therefore, you have started something of extremely high significance.

    Please would you kindly add and also highlight Debenhams to your list, as they are asking for a 90% discount from all of its Bangladesh suppliers, which is outrageous.


  3. This campaign is a very great idea! When I saw the news of these companies not honoring their contracts, the first thing came to my mind is Bangladesh. It’s a pity to see Bangladesh in this state even after Rana plaza! I really hope this campaign works and lets the world now who are ethic and who are not! I’ve been doing my side work through my social media to bring awareness. I’m always here to help you people!

    I’m very happy to see the results!

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