Dear #wearyourvalues community, 

Our world seems off-kilter right now. As you puzzle through closed campuses and office buildings, take classes remotely, work from home, and figure out childcare, please know that your Remake family is sending you love and strength during these trying times. Now, more than ever, it’s time to come together as a virtual community. 

To us, this global pandemic is an opportunity for a reset. No doubt it calls for flexibility and major changes in our own individual lives as we self-isolate. But it is also an opportunity, with the busyness of our day-to-day lives slowing down, to reinvest in the values and communities that we most care about. 

As a community, let’s use this time to reset and reinvest in our fight against fast fashion. 

Let us not forget that the ability to study or work from home is a privilege. One that is, unfortunately, not a reality for retail, warehouse, and garment makers alike. As retail contracts, our advocacy efforts are more important than ever. Together, we can ensure that the fashion industry pays the people making, shipping, and selling our clothes in a timely manner and offers sick leave and paid time off. 

With sales declining, we are already seeing delays in wage payment to the women who make our clothes — women who already make less than half a living wage. For many of these makers, health care is inaccessible. Who will be taking care of her? Who will be advocating for her health, her income, her safety during this time? We will, by using our voices and flexing our advocacy muscles as Remakers.

Many of our sustainable brand partners that have our Seal of Approval will also struggle. These brands are committed to the wellbeing of people and our planet and will need our support to stay in business. This is why it’s important to continue to #wearyourvalues and vote with your wallet. 

We have always been a community of hope and joy. So as you isolate at home, we hope that you will use this reset time to mend, sew, stitch, and Marie Kondo your closets. Make art, host virtual meet-ups, petition brands to do their part, and stay connected with us. Social distancing won’t stop us from coming together as a Movement!

Over the coming weeks, we will: 

1. Open up our Slack channels to our Ambassadors to share sustainable fashion books, podcasts, advice, and inspiration to do more good. Interested in joining our Ambassador community of changemakers? Apply here

2. Provide ready-to-go webinar and film screening materials for you to lead conversations with your friends and community. Contact to set you up for success.

3. Host community-building virtual events so that we can “see” one another and keep inspiring each other.

The COVID-19 crisis is neither a reason to lose hope or to remain stagnant. Rather, now is the time for all of us to come together.

Forever in Solidarity,

Your Remake Family

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