True Cost is a must-see film about how we sacrifice human beings and our planet in the name of fast disposable fashion. At campus screenings, most recently with fashion students at Parsons New School of Design, the question we hear most often is, I can’t unsee what I’ve seen—how can I be an agent of change?

Despair notas shoppers and designers, we can go from being a part of the problem, to being a force for good! So go on, check out, adopt, and share these actionable ideas to stop the fast fashion machine.

Remake Infographic - Slow Down Fast Fashion

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  1. Invest more in thrifting in order to help reduce fast fashion. Chose durable over disposable and swap your clothes as well. Please let’s help reduce the environmental damage fast fashion is doing to our society. Always remember, if it costs $5 then someone wasn’t treated well

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