By now, it’s no secret that garment workers will be hugely impacted by the coronavirus epidemic. Millions of garment makers around the globe who live hand to mouth, reliant on factory incomes for their livelihoods, are facing devastating outcomes should no financial assistance be provided to them in the immediate weeks. So how can you help garment makers? 


Brands must #payup: Clean Clothes Campaign, Maquila Solidarity Network, Remake, and Workers Rights Consortium are in agreement that brands must #PayUp for previously placed orders and materials. This is not about making a small charitable donation and getting good press as some brands did during Rana Plaza and Tazreen, but instead, paying what is owed. Numbers of unpaid orders by brand for Bangladesh can be found in this report. Already, our pressure over the weekend has worked with H&M promising to pay for its in-production orders.

Here is a link to our petition.


Los Angeles

Garment Worker Center’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund


AWAJ Foundation’s GoFundMe

Sri Lanka 

Support Sri Lankan Garment Makers on GoFundMe

    • We will continue to update this page with more information on how to help garment makers.

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