It almost seems dirty to talk about trends in the world of sustainability where the goal is to defy the of-the-moment fads in favor of purposeful long-term investments, but the reality is that the fashion industry is an ever-evolving, still growing industry, constantly meeting changing consumer demands with each new season.

When we at Remake talk about “trends” we don’t want you to think of these as a quick fix that will come and go, but rather, as what is most exciting in the world of sustainable fashion right now. Guilt free, the trends we’ve earmarked for 2019 will leave you feeling oh-so-good about flaunting them.

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Trend #1 – The Capsule Wardrobe – simplify to amplify

While this trend is nothing new in fashion, it is gaining a lot of momentum in 2019 with thousands of bloggers (like Style this Life and the Thoughtful Closet), and Instagramers (like Candice Tay and Isabelle Madamezehn) devoted to the minimalist lifestyle. Veterans of the cause like Matilda Kahl, know how freeing it is to simply have less decisions to make in a day.

In general, men have long been able to take full advantage of capsule wardrobes without any attention brought to their sartorial simplicity.

In fact, many attribute mens uniform dressing to greater success, like the old grey tee that Zuckerbug wears religiously. However, this trend is finally getting its moment to shatter some antiquated gender-biases and at Remake we love nothing more than wearing our values!

The idea with a capsule wardrobe is to pare your closet down to strong essentials that mix-and-match well, ensuring you cover all your bases and still express your true style. Definitions vary wildly, but sites like the Minimalist Wardrobe offer simple, actionable advice and guidelines for how to streamline your wardrobe and actually find more to wear by having less. By thoughtfully planning each piece that goes into the capsule, there’s no stress in daily decisions, and you can confidently grab and go!


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Trend #2 – Buying Second-hand – making luxury accessible

Once considered novelty start-ups, consignment giants like The RealReal and ThredUp have grown to be major players in the retail fashion industry. The resale market is predicted to reach $41 billion in 2022 and second-hand is clearly no longer the second choice for many savvy shoppers. With most major fast-fashion brands being copycat offenders, buying second-hand gives you a chance to search the fashion archives (whether a few years old, or just a few seasons) to find that unique piece that still perfectly expresses your style.

See how stylists like Subrina Heyink and Clare Lewis magnify the beauty of unique second-hand pieces by styling them in a modern way. What’s more, you get a like-new garment without the sticker shock allowing you to invest in more quality pieces that wear well over time.


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Trend #3 – Rentals aren’t just for evening anymore

When you hear that 80% of the clothes in the average American woman’s closet are worn three times or less, it’s no surprise that women are turning to rentals to own up to the fact that with most looks, they just want one-and-done.

The rental pioneer Rent the Runway now has monthly subscription models that give members access, not just to evening looks, but to everyday wear as well. In the last year RTR has added mainstream brands like J.Crew and Levi’s to their product offering allowing customers to outsource practically their entire wardrobe.

Devotees to the rental models are praising leaner closets, greater confidence, and never feeling that twinge of buyer’s remorse.

While the environmental impacts are still being determined, we are eager to see how they green-up their supply chain and production, because at 10 million members strong and growing, this trend is clearly not slowing down.


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Trend #4 – Rewearing with pride

It’s no secret that there is a clear double-standard when it comes to women and the pressure to have something new to wear for every occasion. In fact, the gender bias is so strong that women in power have even greater pressure to never repeat a look. Michelle Obama let it be known that while she was under pressure to constantly be seen in new looks, Barack was able to get away with wearing the exact same tux for eight years. Champions for the #repeats cause, like Arianna Huffington, urge women to repeat outfits to “counter the competitive advantage of men have when it comes to dressing.”

Angela Merkel knows the struggle all too well, “For a man, it’s no problem at all to wear a dark suit a hundred days in a row, but if I wear the same blazer four times within two weeks, the letters start pouring in.” It’s time to dismantle this double-standard and repeat outfits with confidence! Take it from the expert repeater, Kate Middleton (in this case, she gets the crown) who knows that owning your style and investing in it rewards with timeless looks that never grow old.


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Trend #5 – Recycling and Upcycling – using new fabrics is just so old!

Upcycling has come into Vogue (literally) with runway designers like Marine Serre repurposing everything from old scuba outfits to parachutes into luxury garments. While the fashion industry grapples with what to do with all the excess textile waste that’s piling up, creative brands like RE/DONE and Triarchy are taking a stand as well, introducing some of the very first repurposed denim made 100% from old pairs of jeans.

Savvy, solution-oriented brands like Patagonia are honing in on plastic. With single-use plastic overwhelming our landfills and oceans (over 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year, eek!), it is a welcomed change. Though we want to highlight that while upcycling plastics is a worthy cause, in order to make long-term solutions, we as consumers need to learn how to completely eliminate our use of them in the first place. But with as much 12.7 million tons of plastic entering the ocean each year, we could surely dress the planet on that clean-up effort alone!

So tell us, which sustainable fashion trend(s) will you be flaunting this season? As always, tag it with #wearyourvalues so that you can show the world that fashion can be a force for good.

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