Against the backdrop of fracturing United States and Mexico relations we’re shining a light on the women working in factories called maquilas, who bring our fashion to life.

Today the global garment industry is worth $3 trillion, or about 2 percent of the world’s gross domestic product. Since the 1980’s, maquilas have been a major force in the Mexican economy, creating over one million jobs and producing almost half of the country’s exports. Today, Mexico exports $5 billion of clothing to the US alone, making our jeans, tees and shoes for brands from Walmart, Zara to Paige Jeans.

Yet the women who power the fashion industry in Mexico make less than $2.40 an hour.

In this latest addition to our Made in Series, we took fashion activist Amanda Hearst and fashion designers from @parsonsschoolofdesign, @ccafashiondesign and @dukeuniversity to bear witness and understand the human impact of mass production. Follow along as they meet Oliva, Veronica, and Reina, three fierce women makers behind our fast fashion labels.

Film work by Matt Barkin of Vibrant Films.

Loved and moved by our film? Please share on. The brave makers in this film want the world to bear witness to fast fashion’s impact on their lives.

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