My name is Sara, and I live all alone in the remote Himalayas because my husband left to find better work opportunities at a nearby village. He took our only son with him so that he could go to school there. I only see them once every two months.

I’ve been sewing for three years now. At first I did not even know how to sew a straight line! But I worked hard and pushed myself to get better and better and am so proud to see my income grow.

I used to tend to my cows and forage for firewood in the forest, without even taking the time to wash my face or comb my hair. Now I make the time to eat my meals and take care of my health.

Sewing has allowed me to worry less.

I want you to know that with every bag I make, I keep improving my sewing skills, so that I can progress in my life. And perhaps one day see more of the world like you.

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