I once dreamed of a life that was very different. Where I could finish my education and become a teacher. Everything changed when I was 15 and married to a man with few means. I had to help care for my in-laws and soon after, three children. So, I left school to find work.

Most of the women in my community work in a factory. So, for the last 10 years, I have worked there too, making your clothes.

My income allows my children to go to school, and although this is not how I imagined my life to be, I am proud to be an equal breadwinner with my husband. I am proud that my hard work allows my children to go to school so their futures can be different.

When you see Made in India, I want you to know that I and my coworkers work long and intense hours to support our families’ futures. I stand on my feet all day, pulling loose threads out of finished blouses and tops. Making sure each one is perfect for you.

I want you to know that I recently took a health education course on making nutritious meals with little money. I now teach what I’ve learned at my children’s school on my day off. I guess my dream of becoming a teacher has come true after all.

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