Sam Hartsock, Director of Education at Remake and cofounder at qb. consulting, and Melissa Hook, a Remake Ambassador and Sourcing Analyst at REI, hosted Remake’s first virtual hangout on how to start a career in sustainable fashion. Each talked about their unique journey in navigating the very non-linear path of working in sustainable fashion and the most impactful career advice they’ve received. (Watch the video above to get the full scoop.)

What are tips for approaching the sustainable fashion job search while also in a time of crisis with furloughs and layoffs actively happening in the fashion industry?

  • Know your worth. Figure out what makes you unique and then learn to communicate that magic effectively. 
  • Make finding a new job your new job by creating a space just for your job search. 
  • Do a thoughtful deep dive on the fashion industry and any organization you want to work at. How is the organization responding to COVID-19? How does this position and your skill set fit for the long-term, fashion is actively evolving?
  • Sign up for industry and impact newsletters, like Remake’s Newsletter. Additional faves are listed below. 
  • Glam up your online profile by tailoring any language and images you use to what you want hiring managers and recruiters to understand about you. #DYK If you save an image as first name_last name_insert ideal job title, you’ll receive higher visibility and better SEO in google searches. (Let us know if you want more tips like this!). 
  • Build relationships, not just connections. People, if they can, are being particularly generous with their time right now. Reach out but do it with the intention of building a long-term relationship that offers value both ways and with a specific ask. 
  • Be patient and graciously persistent. It may take a while, especially in current times, to hear back from someone. Feel confident following-up to hiring managers with specific questions such as, “What does your timeline look like for this position?”
  •  And, remember what we are doing is all human so it is imperfect. 

What do you think companies are looking for in professionals right now, especially in terms of sustainability roles? 

  • Experience contributing to or organizing sustainability initiatives in past roles. 
  • Active engagement in and knowledge of sustainability issues from renewable energy, circularity, climate justice, worker health and safety, gender equity, etc. 
  • Collaboration and communication, how have you worked across communities, organizations, teams to make change? How do you bring others along? 
  • Fashion has so many elements that needs to be fixed. How can you use your skill set to solve one of fashion’s many problems? 

What are resources (newsletters, podcasts, LinkedIn Groups, etc.) people have found for navigating the fashion industry with a focus on sustainability? 

Our Top 5 

  1. GoBlu an industry newsletter with event and job announcements 
  2. Reconsidered a sustainable fashion newsletter with an impact job board
  3. Seed Consulting a nonprofit you can volunteer with to gain real-world impact skills 
  4. Elisabeth Best a sustainability and impact career coach for women 
  5. Factory 45 a resource for anyone looking to start an ethical fashion brand


We are always looking for volunteers to help us make fashion a force for good! Please reach out to if you’d like to learn more about how to start a career in sustainable fashion.

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