Dhrumil Shah, a Remake Ambassador and public health professional, joined Remake to share information on facemask sewing and donation healthcare guidelines during Covid-19. Below you can find information on what materials should be used, trusted patterns, and where you can donate your masks once they’ve been sewn. Watch the full video to get all the necessary details on facemask sewing and donation healthcare guidelines.

What Materials Should I Use?*

  • Fabric should be new, unused, breathable and tightly woven
  • 100% cotton material (doubling layering doesn’t increase filtration efficacy)
  • For ear loops: elastic, fold over elastic (NO LATEX!)
  • Include a pocket so health care providers can put a removable filter inside
  • Prewash fabrics in boiling water prior to sewing (mainly to be pre-shrunk)
  • *Always refer to the guidelines provided by the hospital center receiving donations

What are some trusted patterns?

*The link categorizes both variants as an alternative N95 but it is critical to present it to your donation site as a standalone face mask. It has not been thoroughly tested or validated as a replacement for a respirator. Do not mention N95 or respirator when donating. Provide links to website and design to recipient for full transparency

Where Can I Donate?

  • Mask Match: Send your N95 masks to healthcare workers without leaving your house.
  • Find the Masks: Find where you can donate your masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE) in your local area.
  • Med Supply Drive: Student-led volunteers working together to donate  urgently needed protective supplies across the US.

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