What was YOUR impact in 2020? As a Remake ambassador it was wearing your values, reducing your carbon footprint, holding irresponsible brands accountable, and making a real impact in the lives of garment workers.

Our Remake ambassador community showed up in a BIG way in 2020 despite a global pandemic, social unrest, and political turmoil. Through campaigns like our #nonewclothes initiative and the industry changing #PayUp campaign, Remake ambassadors raised their voices, rallied support, pressured brands, and engaged in critical activism to call for important changes to make fashion a force for good.

Want to see the facts? Here is YOUR impact as a part of the Remake movement in 2020:

  • #PayUp petition garnered 273,000 signatures and unlocked more than $22billion in Bangladesh alone
  • #NoNewClothes challenge had 1,143 pledge takers who got creative and saved:
    • 16,409,377 gallons of water
    • 6,345,113 pounds of CO2 emissions
    • 23,189 pounds of waste
    • $259,652.00 in dollars *not* spent

In our December Ambassador call we heard from our Community Organizers in DC and NYC about their own personal journeys that led them to engage with the Remake movement and how they are showing up and leading their local communities. Give this call a watch to learn some tips, feel inspired, and see yourself in the Remake movement.

Our work to make fashion a force for good relies on the incredible support and hard work of our global ambassador community. So as we successfully reach the finish line in 2020, we offer our sincerest gratitude, respect, and enthusiasm for this incredible community and cannot wait to share more successes in 2021!

In solidarity!

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